What is Kennebunkport Boat Club?
Kennebunkport Boat Club is a membership-only boating club that offers an alternative to boat ownership. Members have unlimited use of a variety of pristine boats. There are no daily usage fees and we handle insurance bills, boat storage, boat payments, cleanup and maintenance. Your Membership covers all costs associated with boating except the actual fuel you use.
How do I know there will be boats available?
Kennebunkport Boat Club maintains a boat to member ratio that ensures the availability of boats for all members. As the membership grows, we will continue to add more boats to the fleet. Member satisfaction is the key to success in our business and we understand that providing good access to spotless boats are the driving factors.
As a Member, what types of boats will I be able to use?
Kennebunkport Boat Club offer two levels of memberships and several types of boats to handle each type of boating activity. The boats range from 15 to 26 feet. Please see the Kennebunkport Boat Club’s Fleet page for a current list of all vessels.
Can I join even if I have no boating experience?
Yes, absolutely. Each Member is required to complete an approved Boating Safety Course just as if you were to buy a boat. In addition, each member will have an on water orientation prior to their first outing to provide guidance on local waterways and hazards. Additional time will be spent at the member’s request.
Is Insurance included in my membership?
Yes! In the unfortunate event of an accident, our members are only liable for up to the insurance deductible.
How do I make reservations?
Reservations can be made through our online reservation system or by calling our office.
Is there a limit on the number of times per season you can boat?
No, we encourage you to get out on the water as often as you and your schedule permits. Members will be allowed two Planned Reservations at any one time in addition to Spontaneous Reservations that can be made on short notice based on availability of boats.
How long can I keep the boat out?
We offer all day options during the week and half day options on the weekends for the Boat Club. Arrangements can be made to return after marina hours.
Who can I bring with me on a boat?
As long as there is one BOAT CLUB MEMBER on board, you may bring anyone you like on board up to the passenger limit for that boat.
What does it cost to join The Kennebunkport Marina Boat Clubs?
We offer two types of memberships. They both include a one time entry fee based on membership level, then monthly fees for as long as you remain a member. Please see Membership Plans for more information.
Are there any daily usage charges?
No, you will not incur any usage charges. You are only responsible for the fuel that you actually use. Additional services such as catered lunch or fishing poles and bait for fishing trips may be charged additionally. For exceptional service, you may tip dock hands.
What are your hours of operation?
Our hours of operation will vary by the season. If you want to get out early to fish or stay out later to enjoy the evening, just let us know and we’ll make the arrangements.
Are there any special deals if I only want weekday usage?
Yes, we have a very limited number of weekday memberships available. Please contact us for more details.