Spring Commission

When spring finally arrives we can’t wait to get your boat out of hibernation. Drop your boat off for a tune-up or check out our complete range of spring commissioning services that will get your boat in Bristol condition.

Download the Spring Service Request Form here

Spring Engine Commissioning includes:

  • Check all fluids
  • Start engine / change spark plugs
  • Check shifting and steering / test bilge pump
  • Check navigational lighting and horn
  • Check battery charge, terminals, wire connections and secure
  • Check and adjust idle
  • Carburetor adjustment if necessary / check ignition timing
  • Verify fuel pressure
  • Reinstall propeller
  • Replace zincs
  • Check trim and tilt
  • Check coolant levels
  • Check operating temperature and oil pressure
  • Check for water flow
  • Inspect belts and hoses
  • Replace water pump impeller
  • Sea trials are highly recommended for any boat older than three years. During the sea trial, temperatures, pressures, charging system operation, engine acceleration and other engine related systems will be monitored. Electronics will also be checked for operation.