Winter Storage

We realize that it’s a sad time of the year when your boat needs to come out of the water; but rest assured, Kennebunkport Marina provides winter boat storage and extensive winter services during those bitter months.

Our winter services include:

  • Inside heated storage
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Full winterization
  • Boat transport
  • Boat pickup from its summer location

Whether the task is as small as winterizing your kicker motor or as large as repowering your boat with a new engine and electronics, we’re here to get you through the cold winter months.


The winterization process for each type of engine is detailed below.

Outboard Winterization includes:

  • Drain and Fill Lower Unit
  • Remove and Inspect Propeller – Clean and Grease Shaft – Check for Line
  • Grease Steering and Engine Fittings as Required
  • Treat Fuel on Board and Run through the Engine
  • Flush Cooling System with Fresh Water
  • Clean and Lubricate Throttle and Shift Linkage
  • Run Fogging Oil through Engine
  • Spray Engine and Electrical w/Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Replace Fuel Filters
  • Change Oil and Filter if applicable

I/O and Inboard Winterization includes:

  • Treat Fuel and Run through System
  • Run to Temp and Flush Cooling System with Fresh Water
  • Change Oil and Filter
  • Replace Fuel Filters
  • Test Permanent Antifreeze
  • Drain Raw Water Cooling System and Fill with Non-Toxic Antifreeze
  • Run Fogging Oil through Engine
  • Clean and Lubricate Shift and Throttle Cables
  • Clean and Lubricate Steering Cable
  • Drain and Fill Drive Lube/Transmission Fluid