Engine Sales

The Kennebunkport Marina is certified for the sale and service of Yamaha and Mercury engines. Our staff is well educated about the OEM products lines that the manufacturers requires to keep their engines in perfect working order.

Contact us today and talk to our knowledgeable staff about which type of engine is right for you!

AutotetherEquip yourself with an AUTOTETHERâ„¢, a revolutionary new wireless lanyard that shuts off your motor within 1 1/2 seconds. The Autotetherâ„¢ uses cutting edge RF technology and is the only wireless lanyard on the market that connects directly to the engine ignition kill switch and requires no hard wiring. The AUTOTETHER protects the boat operator and up to 3 passengers including pets and kids, allowing unrestricted movement about the boat by just wearing a small, wireless sensor. If the operator falls overboard it shuts off the motor and sounds an alarm, if a passenger falls overboard the alarm will sound.

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