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Valet Service Form

Please complete the form below to contract for valet service at Kennebunkport Marina. Please note: completion of this form does not ensure valet service. A member of our staff will contact you to confirm your service. If you haven’t spoken with a staff member yet about valet service at our marina, please email us or call 207-967-3411 first.



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Valet fees are paid in three equal payments, due November 1, March 1, and August 1 of the service season.

Kennebunkport Marina and Storage Rules

Welcome to Kennebunkport Marina. We are glad you’re here. At Kennebunkport Marina, we are dedicated to delivering an excellent boating experience for our customers and their families. We are also dedicated stewards of this beautiful location. The following rules are addended to all slip, storage, and service contracts. They are designed to ensure that everyone at Kennebunkport Marina has a safe, fun, and sustainable boating experience:

  1. Owner work: Kennebunkport Marina is a private full-service marina with an off-site facility. While in storage or at a slip or mooring, vessel Owners or their agents, guests, and families planning to perform any level of maintenance or repair work to his or her vessel, must obtain consent from the office before commencing such work and agree to review and adhere to the yard’s environmental management policies.

  2. Ladders and Staging: Owners who wish to board their boats in storage regularly must provide their own ladders. Personal ladders must be removed from the property when the boat is launched.  Ladders remaining in the yard are subject to disposal.  The yard is not responsible for lost or stolen ladders. Please tie off your ladder when boarding your vessel.  Owner’s use of large power equipment (power washers, steam cleaners, table saws, miter saws, etc.) is strictly prohibited.

  3. Bottom Washing: In water and out of water bottom cleaning by non-Kennebunkport Marina personnel at the Kennebunkport Marina facilities is strictly prohibited by both Kennebunkport Marina policy as well as State and Federal Law. Federal bottom washing regulations require EPA approved recapture systems and can only be performed by Kennebunkport Marina personnel in accordance with MDEP requirements.

  4. Environmental: Kennebunkport Marina is a designated “Clean Marina”. We take our stewardship of the environment very seriously. Discharge overboard of any fuel, contaminated bilge water, or from any head, holding tanks or grey water tanks is strictly prohibited while on the dock.  Owner and guests shall not create any hazard, annoyance, or nuisance to the yard or to other Owners or guests of the yard.  All waste must be properly disposed of.  All hazardous or special waste disposals must be performed by yard personnel only or taken off premises by the owner.  Please see the office if you have special waste needs or need clarification on what is “special” or “hazardous” waste.

  5. Subcontractors: While hauled out or at a slip, no outside contractors or hired help may be employed without prior consent of Kennebunkport Marina management. Subcontractors are not permitted at any Kennebunkport Marina facility without Kennebunkport Marina Management’s knowledge and consent.  All approved subcontractors must sign in at the office and execute an Adherence to Yard Policies Form before commencing work. Proof of liability insurance in coverage amounts acceptable to Kennebunkport Marina is required and must be produced upon marina management’s request.

  6. Pets and Children: Kennebunkport Marina is a pet and kid friendly facility. Unruly dogs or pets must always be under leash and must not run loose on the premises. Pet owners are responsible for the proper clean up and disposal of droppings. Young children must always be supervised, and parents must adhere to state and federal laws concerning the use of lifejackets for children.

  7. Parking: It is okay to unload cars at the marina ramp. Cars should be moved to a designated parking area within fifteen minutes of unloading. Do not leave cars in travel lanes, on the side of the road, near a hydrant or anywhere near the boat yard’s travel lift. Improperly parked cars will be towed. Marina parking areas are maintained for the gratuitous use of boat owners and their guests at their own risk only while they are on their boat. Parking at the Yachtsman facility needs to be either on the grass on in spaces designated with a “G” for guests.  Numbered spaces are for the hotel guests.

  8. Dock Usage: Unidentified boats tied to any dock without office approval will be removed by Kennebunkport Marina at the owner’s expense. Dinghies left in unauthorized locations will also be moved at the owner’s expense. Kennebunkport Marina is not responsible for pumping out dinghies or for damage caused by flooded dinghies.

  9. Subcontracts and short-term rentals: Kennebunkport Marina slips may not be sublet and vessels cannot be used as short-term rentals such as Airbnb or VRBO. Pursuant to slip agreements, Kennebunkport Marina has the right to use any unoccupied mooring or slip. Owners must notify Kennebunkport Marina if they are going to be away from their mooring or slip for more than two nights.  Rentals are not transferable with a sale of a boat, without prior written consent of Kennebunkport Marina.  Permanent live-a-boards are NOT permitted.

  10. Dock Lines: It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure he/she has chafing gear on all dock lines in the way of chocks and snubbers if necessary.  All dock lines should be checked each time the boat is used and after storm events.  While marina staff will note any problems with mooring lines, the Owner has the ultimate responsibility to ensure the Vessel is safely moored at all times. Owners should immediately report concerns about issues with marina equipment including cleats, electrical terminals, and freshwater spigots.

  11. Boat Access: Owner will provide Kennebunkport Marina with a set of hatch and ignition keys to facilitate any requested service in season and for any security inspections, emergency service or required vessel relocations.

  12. Loss or Damages to Vessels: Owners and Owner’s agents and guests use the marina facilities at their own risk. All Vessels using the marina shall be insured pursuant to the slip agreement and Owners shall present proof of insurance upon the request of marina management.

  13. Severe Storms: In the event of a severe storm or hurricane, Owners shall be responsible for securing their vessels and must comply with Marina staff instructions regarding preparations. Marina staff may secure any unsecured vessel at the Owner’s expense but Kennebunkport Marina is in no way responsible for identifying or securing any unsecured vessel and will not be liable for any weather damage caused to, or by, any unsecured vessel.

  14. Payment for Services: Payment is due for services when billed. Payment in full is required before launching pursuant to the service agreement. For transient customers, a valid credit card may be required to confirm the reservation. Kennebunkport Marina will process charges and late fees against the appropriate credit card for any invoices unpaid 30 days after the invoice date.

  15. Accidents/Mishaps: Any accident or mishap, including damage to your own vessel, another vessel, or marina property (no matter how minor or insignificant) must be reported immediately to the marina office and all other affected parties.

  16. Boat Maintenance: It is the owner’s responsibility to take all precautions against the accidental sinking of their boat by making sure that bilge pumps are in working order or bailing the boat regularly during and after heavy rains. Boat owners shall be alert to any oil sheen on the water and/or evidence of fuel leaks from their boat or adjacent vessels and should report such events to the office immediately. Boat owners should regularly check their boat’s mechanical systems for fuel leaks and/or accumulation of fuel or other hazardous materials in bilges. When washing your boat, consider environmentally friendly phosphate-free and biodegradable products.

  17. Dock Boxes: Only approved fiberglass dock boxes will be allowed on the docks.

  18. Docks and Pilings: Nothing is to be attached to pilings or docks.

  19. Firearms/Drugs: The use or display of firearms, air guns, paintball guns, fireworks (including sparklers), explosives, weapons and illegal drugs or substances is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in immediate eviction and appropriate authorities will be notified.

  20. Gray Water/Overboard Discharge: State law prohibits the discharge of gray water/black water overboard into the water or into the ground. All vessels must use holding tanks. Pump out station coming soon.

  21. Keys: Kennebunkport Marina requires all slip customers to leave a spare set of vessel keys with the office to be used in the event of an emergency.

  22. Loss and Damage Exclusion: Kennebunkport Marina and staff will not be responsible for loss or damage to vessels in the marina. Vessel owners shall be responsible for damage to any other vessel in the marina and for damage to any common areas or facilities including to docks, pilings, piers, and bulkheads.

  23. Prohibited Acts: Swimming, fishing, or diving is strictly prohibited from marina docks. The tossing, throwing, etc. of rocks, stones or other objects is also prohibited.

  24. Slips: Boat owners are responsible to keep docks adjacent to their berth clean and free of obstructions and trash at all times. Cables, lines, and hoses are to be coiled and out the walking path when not in use. Dock hands are happy to assist when on duty. Subleasing of a slip by a boat owner is not allowed.